Backup Power Solutions

Why a backup solution?

As the name implies, a backup provides you with a fall-back should the power grid go down. Unlike an old-school, environmentally harmful generator, our backup solutions automatically operates during load shedding and other unexpected power outages.

This solution is ideal for customers who want uninterrupted power without the cost of installing a full solar system.
How do these systems work?

The unit is permanently connected to utility power so that while Eskom power is present the extra large built-in battery charger recharges the batteries and keeps the batteries fully charged until a power failure occurs. The equipment you want to back up is also permanently connected via the system. In case of a power failure the backup system automatically switches over, via an extra fast transfer switch to the inverter, which will continue to provide power to the equipment within 15 msec. This process is extremely fast and ensures standard equipment like TVs, DSTV decoders, microwaves, fans, WiFi etc. are unaffected.

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